Everything You Need To Know About Science

He is right apart from not even being real game cannon there’s ton of problems with this theory but that screw it into the trash bin ago but if they can be thinking about Pokemon wife just you know accept that they work through the magic of friendship and whatnot there’s still a ton of unanswered questions how does a Pokemon strength affect how easily it’s captured why do you need to beat them within an inch of their lives to increase your chances of catching them what’s the deal with all these different folk of all types.

And perhaps most importantly why does putting a Pokemon inside of basketball allow you to instantly control their every action today we’re gonna ghetto the truth and the truth is well you know the rap before I go any further just a heads up I’m going to be talking about experimentation on animals in a very clinical and non descriptor way keep that in mind leave if you need to or just be ready for it when it comes in order to unwrap the terrifying technology softballs we’re going to have to starting one place first the brain barring the occasional sentient computer program sentient alphabet.

Evil space virus and gods of the universe Pokemon are animal sand all animals have brains not all areas complex as human brains with our massive cortex and Q point five petabytes of storage space but they’re they’re almost exclusively if we expand our definition of brain to include bundle of neurons or nerves capable of storing information octopuses are pretty cool and they actually don’t store allot their neurons in their brains but have some in their arms isn’t that awesome we got to start here because probably.

The most important thing basketball does aside from contain Pokemon is control them the instant you catch a Pokemon it’s yours and well the brain controls everything-brains are incredibly.