Katy Perry soon to be married again?

Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry have got closer to each other than ever before with hot dates and PDAs together. It is also claimed that she is already calling him her boyfriend. The brunette singer was first romantically connected with the Lord of The Rings star during the Golden Globes and then it has been reportedly confided to her friends that she and the English actor are in a relationship. 

One of the things that Katy loves most about Orlando is that she loves how amazingly down to earth he is. So it comes as no surprise that both now have keys to one another homes. Moreover the two have been spending lot of nights together at Orlando’s home.

Recently they both were spotted together at Coachella. They were such a cute couple together that they were impossible to be not spotted. They were seen enjoying each others company while they watched various bands perform at the festival. 

The lovebirds were also seen in front of the stage gazing each other in a candid shot. The pair was flamboyantly dressed keeping the occasion in mind. Katy was seen in a bold pink cat eye shades and a metallic pink bandana. While the actor had a blue, red and yellow print shirt on.

They were with a group of other people hugging and swaying to the music. kissing and vaping together, they looked a very happy couple. Though Miranda Kerr Orlando’s ex was also spotted at the festival holding hands with her new boyfriend.

David Beckham Drew Flak for Endorsing Whisky

Emily Robinson, Deputy Chief Executive of Alcohol Concern remarked on the news that Beckham is presently the endorser of a whisky brand for Diageo, said, “It’s amazingly frustrating that David Beckham, a worldwide symbol who has wide engage kids has utilized his games star picture to advance spirits. 

Given David Beckham’s different parts advancing game and a sound way of life to youngsters, we trust this will send a confounding message to them about the perils of liquor and its effect on a solid way of life and we approach the star to reconsider his relationship with this item.” 

In any case, while the football hotshot drew fire over his most recent support bargain, Gary Lineker got acclaims from the gathering for reprimanding liquor sponsorship of football. 

Liquor Concern Ambassador, Alastair Campbell talked with Lineker in the September issue of GQ Magazine where liquor sponsorship was one of a scope of themes examined. 

Tom Smith, Policy Program Manager at Alcohol Concern, said, “We extol Gary Lineker opening up to the world about his feedback of liquor sponsorship of football. Tragically the diversion is immersed with it despite the fact that enormous quantities of the group of onlookers are kids. 

“We require all the more prominent figures like him to approach and say that it’s opportunity football is liquor sponsorship free. We additionally require more players to take after his lead and say no to individual sponsorship manages liquor organizations.


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